Press Application
Press Application for Bay Area Brony Spectacular (BABSCon) 2019

By filling out and submitting this form, you agree to adhere to the attendee and press policies of Bay Area Brony Spectacular 2019. Failure to follow policies will result in the removal of your press privileges and/or removal from the con.

Press Policies
Bay Area Brony Spectacular is an unofficial fan-run convention celebrating My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic run under the direction of Harmonious Elements. The staff of Bay Area Brony Spectacular encourages press and media organizations as well as fandom media coverage! Please read below for our press policies and application.

Media/Press badges grant base attendee level access to BABSCon events, programming, and venue along with the ability to request and record interviews with attendees, staff, and guests (with consent and approval), for all 3 days of the convention. In order to qualify for a press pass you must agree to and adhere to BABSCon’s press policies.

Press Policies:

1. It is better to ask for permission than forgiveness.
2. Any form of coverage of an attendee who has not explicitly given his or her permission is not allowed. Not everyone at a convention wants his or her image or words put up for all to see. This rule exists for the benefit of our attendees. Crowd shots are permitted but again, do not focus on an individual without his or her permission.
3. A press badge grants you early access to programming but not to the front-row reserved seating (reserved for preferred and premium memberships). A press badge does not give you preferred or early access to autographs, children’s programming, preferred/premium membership only events, such as VIP meet-and-greets, nor any event/panel that requires an additional fee.
4. A press badge grants you access to interview opportunities for our Guests of Honor. There is limited time for interviews in our GoHs’ schedules, but we will work hard to facilitate interviews. There may be other factors that affect interviews, such as contractual obligations, so not all GoHs will be available for interviews. Please see the interview request form and interview policy at the bottom of the page to request interviews.
5. Recording or photography of children’s-only programming is strictly forbidden.
6. We will allow video/audio recording of our panels IF no panelists object; recording is at the discretion of our guests. Our goal is to allow our panelists to be comfortable presenting their material.
7. Photography/Video recording of the dealers room is only at the individual dealer’s discretion. As some vendors would prefer not to be photographed/recorded, ask first, and only with their permission may you record them.
8.Video recording is allowed within the Foyer, Game Rooms, and common areas of the convention.
9. We discourage the use of handheld recorders placed on the tables. It doesn’t provide good audio and can be a distraction to the presenter. It will be allowed only at the discretion of the panelist.
10. Panel recordings will be uploaded only after the convention.

Failure to follow the press or attendee policy may result in the removal of your badge and con privileges. If you have any questions regarding our policy please email

Outside (non-MLP fandom) press/media must also submit to, along with the press application, the following items:
A copy of your business card with name, title, and media outlet‘s logo, and
A copy of your driver‘s license or government issued photo identification clearly showing your name and date of birth, and
A byline article or URL from your publication written by you and published within the last three months (the copy must clearly show the name of your publication and your byline), or
A letter from your editor (on letterhead) verifying your assignment to cover the convention; if an editor is not available, submit a letter of intent explaining your purpose for attending the convention.
MLP fandom press/media will be required to provide coverage of BABSCon news or updates prior to the convention in exchange for media passes. This includes the posting of official press releases for BABSCon sent by our Marketing and PR Staff and the honoring our requests for modifications of released content.

Press applications must be completed on or before March 31st for consideration.

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